About The Author

My name is Steven Harvey. My first foray into cookbook publishing was in 1976 with the release of The Montana Cookbook. Six years later, The Washington Cookbook was published after two years of collecting material from all around the State of Washington. There are over 100 different contributors to the book. Given Washington’s rich ethnic and geographic diversity, the result is an amazing collection of recipes and cooking methods that aren’t just at home in Washington kitchens, but in kitchens around the country and a good part of the world.

This cookbook offers more than recipes. It is the kind of cookbook you can sit and just enjoy reading. There are various anecdotes and interesting comments about the history of some of the recipes, as well as a bit of humor.

The book is also unique in that there really are no traditional recipe sections. For example, The Pioneer section has vegetable, main dishes and desserts. There are main dishes in the Other Lands section, vegetable dishes in the On The Trail section, and herb dressing recipes in the Methods of Cooking section. It features quite a variety of recipes and cooking information. Be sure to look at the Index pages on this website to get an idea of how much the book has to offer.

For people who enjoy western art, the recipe sections are all introduced with original western drawings done by some of Washington’s best artists. You can see them as background images on the Index pages.

The book has a hard cover, is easy to clean and is of exceptional quality. It has a Smyth Sewn book binding, which is the highest quality book binding available. It is of library quality because the pages are physically sewn into the book using binders thread and reinforced with fabric backing and adhesive. It will lay completely flat, which makes it convenient and practical to use; important qualities for a cookbook. The Washington Cookbook is NOT a print-on-demand paperback book. It is printed on a state of the art digital offset press using high quality paper and is professionally bound. It truly is a beautiful book that you can treasure for years.

We hope you will buy the book. You can also send one to a friend as a gift. It would seem that once you have done that, there would be no reason to come back to our website. So over time, we hope to add specialized items closely related to cooking and gardening and provide space for a dialog that will support these wonderful pastimes. We want to have an ongoing conversation about cooking, healthy eating, organic foods and how to shop for them, sustainable gardening methods, and other related things that our readers might enjoy.

Our hope is that when you take out your book to enjoy one of the recipes, you will think of us and return to the website every now and then. Feel free to tell us how much you enjoyed a certain recipe, if you have a question, or just want to share your thoughts and ideas. The website will be a work in progress, so please be patient.

We support the organic and natural foods movement and are glad to see that more and more people are shopping for, eating, and enjoying healthier foods at home with their families.

One thing we are very proud of is our commitment to the best service possible. If you order a book or send one as a gift, please know that it will go out on time and will arrive in pristine condition, guaranteed.